All Is Not Doom and Gloom

Despite the daily clouds and rain, all is not doom and gloom. The tulips have poked out of the ground. I may have gone overboard last fall, planting several hundred tulip bulbs in the garden. Apricot Beauty, Abu Hassan, China Town, Ile de France, Abigail, Maureen, Barcelona, Queen of the Night, Orange Juice, Roi du Midi, Saigon, Princess Irene, and Purple Dream. Come late March and early April, I will have a riot of color to enjoy.

The garlic are growing robustly. Come May my constant stir frying and roasting of garlic scapes will drive my husband out of the house.

The ducks thrive in the cool, wet weather. They should be called “happy birds” because they are constantly at play. I may have to give up eating duck. How could it ever be moral to kill such a happy animal? I may have second thoughts about that once I see the drakes do their thing. With two drakes and a hen, her happiness may require my intervention with a carving knife this spring. Life in the country presents challenges city folk never dream of. Which is why I plant so many tulips and garlic in the fall.

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  1. Anne Ediger says:

    I hope you will share some pictures of your tulips and garlic later in the season so we can enjoy them too! Maybe mid-way and again when they are in full bloom? It would be wonderful to have this to look forward to!

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