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All Is Not Doom and Gloom

Despite the daily clouds and rain, all is not doom and gloom. The tulips have poked out of the ground. I may have gone overboard last fall, planting several hundred tulip bulbs in the garden. Apricot Beauty, Abu Hassan, China … Continue reading

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How Do They Know?

It’s late January, time for the daffodils to push out of the cool earth. But how do they know it is time to emerge? Underneath the ground, they can’t tell that it is getting warmer, that the days are getting … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Illusion

This evening, while on my way to Anacortes to deliver tofu, I was stunned to see an evening sky with two suns. In all my decades of living, I’ve never seen an illusion like this. For a few minutes, I … Continue reading

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How Can One Forget?

By Thursday, Monday is a distant memory. But how can one forget such a spectacular dawn? The sky used up all its coloring crayons that morning, which explains why each morning since has been grayer that the one before. The … Continue reading

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Spring in January

It’s just the middle of January and the garlic is standing tall. Beneath the surface, pure white garlic roots are digging deeper and deeper into the soft earth. If you’ve never seen the roots of healthy growing garlic you are … Continue reading

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Beauty Is More than Skin Deep

When it comes to trees, beauty is much more than skin deep. Crack open a log with a branch, and a whole new world explodes before your eyes. The hard wood flows like water, forming swirls and eddies. On the … Continue reading

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Three Is Not a Crowd

For these hens, three is not a crowd. If anything, the more the merrier. Claire isn’t so sure. She is convinced that these three biddies are up to no good. Nothing feels so good as a roll in dry dust. … Continue reading

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Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! or Do You Love Me Now?

Fresh out of the oven, dog treats made from okara, whole wheat flour, grated parmesan, and bacon. Takuma and Ena are asking, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” before they are even cooled. The nice thing about making your own dog treats is … Continue reading

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On to the New

It’s a gift when you can see the sun rise on New Year’s Day. It’s a crisp morning with frost glazing everything with sparkling diamond dust. As cold as it is, there is a hint of spring in the crisp, … Continue reading

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