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The Play of Sunrise and Sunset

The sun is sitting low in the sky these days, casting long shadows all day long. We’ve reached that curious stage when the sunset is the earliest it will be this winter, and in five more days, the sun will … Continue reading

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Frosty Mornings

Stepping outside these mornings is a trip into magic. Clear days, clear nights, create the perfect conditions for frost to spin its white web over everything. In one of the hoop houses, the young chickens have a warm place to … Continue reading

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When Does Winter Start?

When does winter start? There is the date on the calendar marking the start of winter, but really, once all the leaves are off the trees, it is winter. By the time swans are waddling over the fields, it is … Continue reading

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The Rain Lifts, the Sun Returns

After twenty five days of rain, drizzle, and clouds, and minimal sunlight, this morning’s sky is different. The pink clouds aren’t threatening to pour down rain. There are no puddles in the driveway. By afternoon, the soft winter sunlight is … Continue reading

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Of Dreams and Shame

The first step to making tofu is to soak the beans. Though what is happening is much more profound. The destiny of any bean is to grow, to find a spot in the earth, drink in the moistness of the … Continue reading

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