Tea for You and Your Cat

Along the path out to the tofu house catmint blooms. Its leaves have such a delightful fragrance, I couldn’t resist making tea from them.

The tea they made was so refined and soothing. It’s the type of tea a delicate princess who can feel a pea under twenty mattresses would drink. Between sips of catmint tea, I rested the cup on an armchair, and was amused when our cat, Rusty, jumped up and drank the tea, not gracefully like a delicate princess, he pushed his whole face into the cup and slurped it, he found it that delicious.

I’ve never known Rusty to drink tea before. Catmint isn’t as intoxicating to cats as catnip, but it’s plenty stimulating to them. Now when I want to have tea with our cat, I know what to serve.

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