Peace, Love, and Happiness


Few things say peace, love, and happiness like a basket full of tomatillos. Today was the day to clear out the last of the tomatillos, peppers, and tomatoes. The tomatillo plants were still loaded with tempting fruits. This is the first year I grew tomatillos. They have earned their place as a staple in my garden.


While clearing out the tomatillos and other plants in the hoop house, I found a few chrysanthemums in bloom. How did they get there? That’s the great thing about having a garden. Colorful friends you never knew were there sprout and bloom.


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1 Response to Peace, Love, and Happiness

  1. Darrel Liebert says:

    And, ‘sometimes’, someone ‘sneaks’ in with a transplant start, just to add some color. “he, he”, or – it could be a bird?

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