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October Blue

The waning sun casts October skies with their own shade of blue. I suppose if I spent all my time outdoors, I could tell what week of the year it was just by the hue of the sky or the … Continue reading

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Brown and Gold

The trees are going to sleep, shedding their leaves in ever increasing amounts, in a quiet ritual that has gone on for millions of years. When dreaming of autumn leaves, how many dream of asparagus with their golden feathery fronds? … Continue reading

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Skagit’s Freshest Tofu

It’s official. You can get Skagit county’s freshest tofu at Belfast Feed Store. Starting today, I’m delivering fresh tofu to them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, which means the tofu you buy there will never be more than three days … Continue reading

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Fall Feathers

One of the maples has leaves that look more like feathers than leaves. From spring through summer, they are the feathers of a green parrot. In the fall they turn into rooster feathers. In a light breeze, you can see … Continue reading

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On Fire

All it takes is for the clouds to part and let the sun shine to set everything on fire. Next to the pond, the snowbell fruits dangle like Christmas tree ornaments. Paint them different colors, and you’d have an outdoors … Continue reading

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A Better Mother

While making tofu this afternoon I saw MiAsa 美朝 bring her two month old chicks out to graze under the plum trees by the cabin where I make my tofu. It’s hard to believe that in late August, the chicks … Continue reading

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Redwood Down, Cedar Down

What goes up must come down. A strong wind helps. Friday’s storm snapped the top of a young redwood tree. It also snapped the top of a towering cedar tree. All is not lost. A fallen tree top is a … Continue reading

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