Opening Day


The chickens like to rest under an eave when a shower wets their feathers. Other places they’ll scurry to in a downpour are the cedar and sequoia trees.


Yesterday was opening day at Bow Little Market. This is the second year we’ve had a farm stand, and I was pleased when a customer said she was glad we were back. She missed having eggs that didn’t have the names of the hens who laid them.

It was a great opening day, no rain, cool weather, plenty of smiling faces, and good company. It’s relaxed, friendly people who come to a farmers market.


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2 Responses to Opening Day

  1. Marcia Burns says:

    That is so special!  So glad you enjoy it–and the community sure does!The day I first met you, you were planting pansies by the front steps–such a great memory!  You’ve enriched our lives so much, Daniel.  Thank you!Marcia

  2. Chic Mona says:

    We are so fortunate to have such a bountiful community. I’m so glad you’re back too. Love those white flower beans!

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