The Colors Are Back, so Is the Sting


Spring should be called Colors. The drab hues of winter give way to the brilliance of cobalt skies, iridescent hue of flowers, and emerald green of new leaves. The crocus are out which means winter has gone for sure.


Billy is enjoying the early spring sunshine. This is his eighth spring. He’s such an old man. He’s the oldest chicken here. Each morning when I see him, it makes me happy. “Billy is still here,” I say. “It’s a good morning.”


The stinging nettles grow taller every day. Touch them with your fingers and you’ll feel the burn of spring in your fingers for a few days, maybe a week. It’s not a blistering, frightening, insufferable, life-threatening burn like poison ivy or poison oak. It’s an “ouch” and then your fingers tingle like they’re high or something. It’s sorta meditative. It’s just enough tingling to make you aware of your fingers, to make you be present. In a few days it’s gone and you’re tempted to touch them again.

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