Odd Potato


Just because a potato is odd doesn’t mean it won’t taste good. It may be that the oddest potatoes have the best flavor. If you want funky, funny potatoes, you’ll probably need to grow them. Funky, funny potatoes don’t make it onto store shelves. Their destiny is compost bins and factory foods. To make it onto store shelves, potatoes can’t look like they have a mind of their own.

This odd potato ended up turning into hashbrowns for breakfast. Now they don’t look so funky.


There are plenty of other odd vegetables in the garden. It’s time to glean leftover vegetables to prepare the beds for overwintering vegetables like shallots and garlic. These odd little onions and carrots, gleaned from a vegetable bed, will make a number of happy dishes.


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1 Response to Odd Potato

  1. rosie49 says:

    I like your funky spud. In its natural state it looks like he’s giving us the shaka sign.

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