Nothing Is Like Anything Else


No two snowflakes are the same. We’ve heard that a million times. Neither are any two blackberries. Each one is like no other blackberry. All you need to do is look at them closely. Hold them side by side and there they are, two unique blackberries. No matter how many blackberries you pick, you can never pick the same one twice.


It’s the same with eggs. You can never have the same egg twice. Or the same lovage seed, and a single lovage plant produces thousands and thousands of seeds. It must be a lot of work making sure no two are ever the same.


Or the same melon flower. Each flower blooms only once. All the things we see, all the clouds that flow overhead, all the birds that sing for us, we never see the same thing twice. Nothing is like anything else.


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1 Response to Nothing Is Like Anything Else

  1. Marcia Burns says:

    OOOW, do I love to see those luscious blackberries!

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