An Attack I Lived to Tell


Whatever you do, don’t get too close to a mother hen with chicks. It’s like approaching a mother bear with cubs. I got too close to Himawari-hime while filming her taking her two day old chicks into the brush by the creek. She charged at me, and I did what you’re supposed to do when a mother hen charges, I rolled over and played dead. See her checking me out to see if I was still alive or not? Satisfied that there was no more life in me, she went back to caring for her chicks. The real reason most chicken farmers don’t have mother hens raising chicks is because too many succumbed to ferocious mother hens.


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1 Response to An Attack I Lived to Tell

  1. Marcia Burns says:

    Glad you knew what to do!  (I would have run!)Marcia

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