Skunky and Family


Here’s Skunky and its four siblings taking a break on a log. Their mother is right by them off to the right. Watching Skunky grow is a so much fun. It’s impossible not to smile when Skunky greets my eye. A special treat today was seeing Skunky hop on its mother’s back (scroll down to the last picture). Little chicks do that a lot. They are excellent hoppers. Hopping higher than their height is no big deal. What if human babies could hop higher than their height? Baby proofing a house would be next to impossible.


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2 Responses to Skunky and Family

  1. Cindy says:

    Sort of a Cleopatra look (or King Tut for that matter). Definitely curious to see what Skunky looks like as an adult. These are lovely photos!

    • Skunky’s wings won’t change much. It will have a lovely white wings with brown and grey etchings. Except for a dark, brown back, I’m thinking the rest of Skunky will be a light color, but you never know. Until its comb comes in, I’m not sure if Skunky is a hen or a rooster. It’s a beautiful chick.

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