I Won’t Grow Up


Sometimes around here, it is a laugh a minute. One of Lucky’s two month old chicks still wants to take a nap under her wings. About the only thing he can fit under her, is his head and neck. The rest of his body sticks out. He doesn’t want to grow up. Perhaps she misses having her chicks snuggling underneath her. When he wakes up, it’s clear that he had a great nap.


Lucky and her chicks are quite the family. I’ve never had mother and chicks who are such a close-knit family for this long. Each day I expect her to be on her own, but each day she surprises me. Usually by now, either the chicks are off doing their own thing with a mother frantically trying to catch up to them, or she’s had enough child rearing and will chase them off if they approach her. Not Lucky and her chicks. They stick close together all day long, and roost together at night.


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