Taking Her Chicks Home

The dogwood is getting closer and closer to blooming. On this beautiful evening, a mother hen with eight chicks is leading her chicks home for a good night’s sleep. She’s had her chicks on the move much of the day, taking them into the woods, through the garden, around the pond, and a long evening walk by the dogwood. Maybe she enjoys looking at the dogwood as much as I do.


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2 Responses to Taking Her Chicks Home

  1. One thing about little chicks is that they don’t like to be alone. Sometimes they get preoccupied with their surroundings and don’t realize that their mother and siblings have moved on. When they realize they are alone, they peep, peep, peep, until they find their mother and siblings. Chicks depend so much on their mothers, it’s hard to imagine that someone came up with the idea to hatch and raise them without their mothers.

  2. teri says:

    I like that little guy running to catch up. Hey! Wait for me! So cute.

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