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Summer Morning

This last day of June, the hydrangea are starting to bloom. In Japan, hydrangea bloom during the rainy season in June and July. Growing up I associated their flowers with rain and snails. When I close my eyes and think … Continue reading

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Importance of Love

Looking at two cats snuggled together on a chair, it’s easy to see that love is important to cats. In her book Animal Madness, Laurel Braitman states that animals think, feel, and experience the same emotions that people do. Live … Continue reading

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Out of the Garden Today – June 28, 2014

Shopping for groceries in a supermarket can be stressful. All those people. All that noise. So many decisions to make. Which head of lettuce is the freshest? Which carrots are the sweetest? Gathering vegetables for dinner in the garden is … Continue reading

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Solving a Problem

I have a problem to solve and the solution involves building a simple box I can hang on a wall. And here is where the problem is, inside the hay shed. Two hens have decided that tops of hay bales … Continue reading

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Strike a Pose

Of all the chickens, Lucky is the most photogenic, and she seems to know it. She loves to pose. It’s almost as if she is saying, “How about this look? What if I move my head to the side?” She … Continue reading

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Never In a Car

It’s Thursday, time to take eggs and salad greens and garlic scapes to Tweets Café in Edison. I was thinking that it wasn’t that big a deal delivering my produce by bicycle. It’s only five miles, hardly far enough to … Continue reading

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A Ball of Butter or Dairy Liberation

Yesterday I had a bit of cream left, maybe a cup and a half, so I set it out in a bowl to culture overnight to churn it into butter this morning. I ended up with a small ball of … Continue reading

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