Reuse, Recycle

I needed a weeding platform for the hoop houses so I could weed the vegetable beds without stepping in them. I had ten foot alder branches, so I cut some down to five and a half feet, stripped them and ripped one in two.


I also had a pallet lid with decent planks. I took the lid apart and used the blanks to make the platform.


I used sections of the alder branches to make the legs for one side of the weeding platform.


Here is how the weeding platform works. The end without the legs rests on the frame of the hoop house. The end with the legs sits out in the middle of the hoop house. And I use the platform to kneel on to weed the vegetable rows. The weeding platform is easy to move and now I can tend to the rows of vegetables without having to step on the soft dirt and compacting it or stepping on the plants.


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One Response to Reuse, Recycle

  1. FH says:

    A good tool well made is beautiful.

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