Flowers, flowers, flowers

Something new is blooming every day. It’s a great time of the year to be outdoors.


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4 Responses to Flowers, flowers, flowers

  1. FH says:

    Thanks. Beautiful and useful; I’m glad we have some.

  2. The purple flowers, the second ones, are comfrey blossoms. The chickens will eat the blossoms if I knock them down. Comfrey leaves make great fertilizer. Through the summer I regularly cut the plants down and use the leaves as mulch. It’s a very useful plant. Comfrey

  3. FH says:

    Second from the topis what looks purple to me.

  4. FH says:

    Beautiful! Can you identify the plant with the purple blooms? We have a lot of it and no one here knows what it is. Do your chickens tend to leave the flowers alone?

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